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Agronomy Research

we change the way people farm

High quality, impactful & innovative agricultural research for western Canadian farmers.

Agronomy Research

We change the way people farm through experimentation and collaboration
agronomy research

Agronomy research focuses on leveraging grants to deliver unbiased, science-based, and relevant knowledge from small plot research to drive innovation at the farm-level.

Its focus is agronomic management of crop production systems in southern Alberta. We evaluate agronomic best management practices for common cereal, pulse, and oilseed crops.

We also study management practices such as cover cropping, intercropping, winter crops, forage crops etc. Regional variety trials help farmers select crop varieties based on production zones through the Alberta Seed Guide.

Soil health and resource stewardship are major research priorities as they are critical for long-term sustainable crop production. Some of our focus areas include how crop management practices affect soil health, carbon sequestration, nutrient use efficiency, and soil erosion.

We are experts and leaders in the adoption of novel and high-value specialty crops in southern Alberta and western Canada. Hemp, quinoa, grain corn, sorghum, and winter crops such as lentils, peas, durum, oats etc. are some of the most recent examples.

Gritty, innovative, and achievable research

Grounded and practical results

We bring together farmers, agronomists, scientists, and other collaborators to co-develop project ideas. Our experienced staff design innovative practices, technology, and agronomy-based project proposals to submit for funding.

We conduct up to 75-80 trials annually, including 25 regionally important research projects in collaboration or led by Farming Smarter. We ensure top-quality research through regular staff training, effective protocol development, and trial audits.

A producer-majority board leads Farming Smarter and sets our long-term objectives. We turn to engaged crop producers and agronomists to set priorities. We solicit their ideas and feedback on a regular basis at our extension and networking events.

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Keeping farmers competitive and viable

For a complex and dynamic environment

Farming Smarter fills a need for unbiased, agriculture research into practice and technology innovations. As an independent, non-profit organization, people trust our research and adaptations because they know we’re driven by innovation and not profit.

We strive for maximum relevance to western Canadian production and address priorities communicated to us through our network of engaged producers, agronomists, and industry leaders.

Agriculture production is an industry that changes constantly worldwide. For Canada to remain competitive, innovation must continue non-stop.

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Innovation Network

We bridge the gap from lab to soil
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Innovators can rest easy knowing we scan the world for new and old ideas that may apply locally. When they turn to us, they are confident we provide grounded and relevant information. They are part of a diverse community that enjoys learning, networking, and bouncing ideas off each other.

Farming Smarter works with federal and provincial researchers; agriculture researchers from western Canadian post-secondary institutions; InnoTech Alberta and research organizations i.e., SARDA Agriculture Research.

We connect with crop producers, agronomists, and agriculture value-added/input industry representatives for the purposes of strategic planning, and progress assessment. We network and collaborate to identify and conduct research on regional agricultural challenges and opportunities in southern Alberta. We also collaborate with scientists working in research stations and universities across Western Canada.

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