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Smart Partner Program

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Smart Partner Program

we change the way people farm

Innovative model that adds value to subscribers, businesses and Farming Smarter.

Delivering value through innovation

Connecting innovative businesses to innovative farmers and research
smart partners

Triple Value Creation

Agronomy Smart Subscribers

Farmers, agronomists, industry representatives, government & anyone interested in staying on top of the latest practical and innovative crop production research.

Program Partners

Businesses who want to connect with the most innovative and progressive people involved in crop production.

Farming Smarter

Annual fees help us fund opportunities to learn, network, and can be used as leverage in project grant applications.

Benefits of being a subscriber

what's in it for you

Annual Subscriptions

Farming Smarter delivers value to subscribers through two paid subscription services (Agronomy Smarts & Digital Learning). Anyone interested in crop production innovation, ongoing research, trends, learning adventures, continuing education credits, and clicking heels with other agriculture innovators should sign up.

Subscribers thrive because they receive top notch, innovative and unbiased information they can implement immediately. In addition, our subscribers access wisdom gleaned from practical, rigorous scientific research in numerous ways including events, written materials, videos and more.

Subscribers log into our website for access to current research project updates, a subscriber video library, a CEU education platform, and free registration to events.

Continuing Education Credits

Many of our subscribers need continuing education credits (CEU’s) for professional designations i.e. Certified Crop Advisor and Pesticide Applicators. We make a point of including sessions in our live and digital events that meet the CEU requirements for these designations.

Product & Service Discounts

Program Partner Offers

Program Partners offer product and service discounts applicable to crop production or agriculture business management. Our network brings a diverse group of people to learn from each other and have fun! We witness firsthand the benefit of conversations among our event attendees. We see the network as an integral part of keeping the industry vibrant, cohesive, and globally competitive.


$3,500 In Discounts

Alpine offers Farming Smarter Smart Subscribers a free installation of the application kit when you buy Alpine G22 starter fertilizer and the application kit. Value $3,500.

*Applies only to customers within the territories of district sales managers Robert Suitor (403-363-8555)

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$1,000 In Discounts

Agronomy Smart subscribers will receive 10% off their annual financial statements and year end up to $500.00 with a free information session where a BDO professional will teach them how to analyze their financial statements from the banks perspective.

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Down To Earh

Up To $1,000 In Discounts

Subscribers will receive 10% off of spring soils testing to a maximum of $1000. If the Subscriber already has a discount with Down to Earth Labs Inc, the larger of the two discounts will apply. Both discounts cannot be used.

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Up To $1,000 In Discounts

A Subscriber will receive $0.50/ac up to a maximum of $1,000 when they purchase matching acres of Focus® SE Herbicide and Coragen® Insecticide between January 1, 2022 and October 31, 2022. Focus® SE rate will be calculated at 40 ac/jug, Coragen® will be calculated based on Grasshopper rate of 120 ac/Jug.

*Payments will be made from FMC and included in customers 2022 FMC Cashback rebate prior to December 31, 2022.

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Hanlon Ag Centre Ltd

Up To $1,500 In Discounts

$300 off of the cost of an annual RTK subscription 10% discount on a set of replacement spray nozzles & caps ($100 value for 72 assemblies) $1500 off of the cost of any complete Topcon autosteer system (antenna, terminal & steering wheel) $100 off of the cost of any PM360 preventative maintenance inspection

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Up To $1,500 In Discounts

ICI offers $0.25/gallon discount up to $1500 on ACF-SR bio-stimulant produced by AdvancedAg in southern Alberta 25% of floating services for cover crops applied Aug-Sept 2022.

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Up To $3,700 In Discounts

Purchase any new or combination of Kubota’s before December 31,2022 and receive the following discounts: (Purchases can be combined for larger discounts)

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T, Z100 & 200 Series $200 Off

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GR, Z400, Z700 $200 Off

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GF, F, RTV, BX, B, LX Series $300 Off

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L, MX Series, M4, M60 Series $400 Off

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M5, M6 $800 Off

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M7, Great Plains, tillage $1,000 Off

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SSV, SVL, excavators, wheel loaders, hay tools $800 Off

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Metos Canada

Up To $500 & 10% In Discounts

$500 off the purchase of an iMETOS Mobilab 10% off any Metos® Canada subscription package Free 3-line print and online ad with Farmzilla

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Up To $1,000 In Reimbursements

Up to $1,000 reimbursed on Day to Day Banking fees for any new Agriculture or Agri-business client to RBC that is subscribed to Farming Smarter. Reimbursement may include but not limited to monthly banking package fees, set up of digital platforms, and cheque printing expenses.

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Real Estate Centre

Custom Rebates On Listings

Real Estate Centre will offer a rebate of 0.25% on the listing or selling commission earned by Real Estate Centre. Minimum rebate $1000. New contracts only. Certain restrictions apply. Must ask for a Broker/Manager.

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Up To $945 In Discounts

Free one year subscription to Syngenta Good Morning Prairies (value: $195) Purchase Syngenta Seed Treatment CVQ or Syngenta Fungicide Miravis brands above $5,000 and receive one year Deputter Market Advisory Service (value: $750).

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20/20 Seed Labs Inc

Up To $1,000 In Discounts

50% off of your first 2022 Spornado Package valued at $1,000.00 Package Includes:

1 Spornado Spore Catcher

2 Cassettes (testing two pathogens on each cassette)

2 Hours Of Consultation

Available testing for:

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Sclerotinia Stem Rot

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Fusarium Head Blight

Trailor Icon

Late Blight of Potatoes

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and Stripe Rust

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10% off your testing to a maximum of $250 of testing.

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Benefits of being a Program Partner

What’s in it for you

This program provides a direct line to engage with Agronomy Smarts subscribers who are the most progressive farmers, agronomists, and industry professionals.

We provide partner businesses exclusive opportunities to connect with subscribers and build a rapport with them. We offer various ways to share information, advertise, and offer promotions or discounts.

There is value in supporting an organization that helps agricultural professionals. We expect that partner businesses will see increased profits from interacting with and assisting producers to thrive.

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