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Three Sisters Mounds

Jazlyn Pedersen, Sara Gateman and Chelsea Hubble pose with their freshly done work on five Three Sisters mounds.

Visit our site this year to see some projects we’re doing specifically to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

One of them is a Three Sisters Mound planting to honor ancient food growers that had their own wise ways of ensuring good crops. The mounds and maize (corn) went in today by the hand of three Farming Smarter sistas. 

“The three sisters are Maize, Beans, and Squash. They are seen as the three beautiful sisters because they grow in the same mound in the traditional inter-planting system.

Maize provides a ladder for the bean vines. They together give shade to the squash that acts as a natural mulch and deterrent of weeds and vermin.” From Magus’ Memories

Jaz, Chelsea & Sara in the middle of the mounds



Visit Magus’ Memories blog for traditional stories about these mounds.