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News From The Field


Field Tested is up and rolling again for the 2021 research season with 23 on-farm trials located across Southern Alberta.

Spornado spore trap
The Spornado captures spores floating in the winds and stores them in a capsule. This is used in our Field Tested Spore Trapping project.

The Field Tested research crew has been busy visiting fields and collecting range of early-season data. They’ve looked at things like flea beetle damage, emergence, canopy closure, weed populations and crop heights and staging.

This is an exciting time of the year, as we can often easily see differences in crop performance that can become difficult to identify as crops mature.

We should see some interesting results this year!

In a few weeks, some of our later-season research projects will start to ramp up, including our work on spore trapping and variable rate irrigation.

As always, a big thank you to our partners and funders for helping to evaluate and develop agricultural technologies through on-farm research.

Take a look at our Field Tested projects:

Variable Rate Irrigation

Spore Trapping