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Digital Marketing Assistant


FS digital marketing printable job post

Our professional videographer working in the field at one of our events.

Digital Marketing Assistant

Farming Smarter needs an energetic and imaginative person to help us with journalism, social media, photography/YouTube vids and web content creation. Some days you will be outside at public events; some days you will be deep into our website on a computer. We are an applied agricultural research assocation and registered Canadian charity.

Job description, including qualifications

Farming Smarter needs a person willing to go out into the fields, find people working and turn what they’re doing into news pieces. These pieces will go up as website news posts, e-newsletter items, press releases and onto social media sites. The pieces will require writing, photography and social media video. This is going to require some creativity to turn basic research work into news.

Website content development will involve research (reading and interviews) to produce a description of new research projects Farming Smarter will initiate in summer 2017. Each research project will have its own page with writing, photos and videos. Some of this will be added as the project progresses as projects generally last three years.

Photography tasks include recording crop plot progress. This entails taking photos of the plots and the plot number/treatment signs to identify the plots. This task requires returning to the plots approximately four times over the growing season.

The job includes some design work for postcards and brochures for snail mail campaigns.

Education should include the listed technical skills.

Start date: May 1, 2017

Hours/week: 40

Application instructions:

Application deadline:  March 31, 2017

Applicants must be between 15 -30 years old. Please apply in writing and provide samples of writing, photography and video work. A link to a website portfolio is fine.

  • State why you want to work with Farming Smarter and include what knowledge you may have of farming and/or agriculture.
  • State relevant education
  • Explain why you believe you can do what we need done and the qualities and skills you plan to bring to the tasks.

Address applications to:
Claudette Lacombe
Communication Manager Farming Smarter
[email protected]
403 317 0022