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simulated hail damage & foliar-applied recovery

Effects of simulated hail damage and foliar-applied recovery treatments on growth and grain yield of wheat, field pea, and dry bean crops

Publication Date:

7 April 2021

Hailstorms can be responsible for significant economic loss to the agricultural sector in Alberta, Canada. Foliar applications of certain fungicides and nutrient blends have been advocated to promote recovery and yield of hail-damaged crops.

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precision planting and seeding rates on canola plant

Effect of precision planting and seeding rates on canola plant density and seed yield in southern Alberta

Publication Date:

11 February 2022

Precision planters are recently being adopted for seeding canola to improve crop establishment and seed yield. This study determined the effect of seeding canola using precision planters (30.5 and 50.8 cm seeding row width) and conventional air drill seeders.

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