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Field Tested – Year in Review

Our Field Tested crew was put to the test in 2021!

This year, we’ve continued to grow. Since the program’s start in 2018, the Field Tested program has grown from working in three fields to working in 25 fields in 2021. Thankfully, farmers are interested to work with us!

The research we do intrigues them enough that they’re happy to have us out in their fields.

This year, we finished two major projects – the Alternative flea beetle management without neonicotinoids seed treatment project & the EM-38 In-Soil Conductivity Moisture project. While the program didn’t start any new projects, we’re excited for our variable rate irrigation project to is field ready for 2022!

Our Field Tested Philosophy

The Field Tested program aims to take the trials from our research plots and run them on the field-scale. It can be challenging to keeping up with the fields, but our crew persevered! We managed to finish the season with an exceptionally high completion rate for our field trials.

While the biggest challenge of our Field Tested program was staying on-top of the 20+ trials across southern Alberta, we were more than happy to put in the work. Thankfully, the farmers we work with were more than happy to have us out in their fields, especially when it leads to tangible results for them.

“Sometimes our trials study practices that are already being done on farms,” said Lewis Baarda Farming Smarter’s Field Tested Manager. “Our trials can prove things don’t work or how farmers can adjust it. We help them learn different ways to adapt to what’s happening in their fields.”

Our proudest achievement was building these relationships with the farmers we worked with. Being able to overcome the challenges thrown at us this year paled in comparison to helping local farmers improve their fields.

Weather was certainly a challenge for us this year, as it was across much of the region. While we managed to complete most field trials this year, we did see dubious results because of the droughts at some of our locations.

Out with the old, in with the new year

We’re proud of how we finished 2021 and we’re excited for what’s to come in 2022.

Working so close with farmers allows us to better understand their situations and their needs. Interested in taking part in a Field Tested trial? Contact Lewis Baarda!

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