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Wetlands Identification Just Got Easier


Identify wetlands on your land with the new Alberta Wetland Classification System Field Guide.

Elizabeth Hall wetland
Elizabeth Hall wetland in Lethbridge. A great place to visit turtles!

Ducks Unlimited Canada, alongside the partnership of Alberta Environment and Parks and the Alberta North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP), developed this field guide to help properly identify wetlands.

It can aid anyone interested in identifying and classifying wetlands in Alberta. Based on the Alberta Wetland Classification System, the guide provides the most recent information. No matter your impact on the environment, you can learn what surrounds you.

Now there’s a handy-dandy field guide to reference when you need to identify and classify wetlands you encounter on your land. Complete with in-depth descriptions about the flora that exists in each type of wetland, detailed fact sheets about each wetland, and over 250 visual graphics this reference guide is a one-stop shop for all intrepid explorers.

With this guide, you can quickly identify a wetland based on the soil and plants in the area. Additionally, the guide provides educational information about the functions and value of wetlands. You can make decisions on management with the help of the Alberta Wetland Classification System Field Guide.

For more information, visit the Ducks Unlimited website. There, you’ll have access to an informative webinar on how to use the field guide, as well as access to the hardcopy version of the guide. Get in touch with the project lead, Kristyn Mayner for more information.

Get started today, download the digital version of the field guide.  

Weed Lake wetland
Ducks Unlimited dedicated Weed Lake wetland near Strathmore to Jerry Brunen for his years of dedicated service.