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Video Releases July 27


Every week, Farming Smarter releases videos on YouTube. Subscribe to our channel to keep up!

Lewis Baarda give a quick update from the precision field scale project. Canola stand planted with an air drill and a precision seeder look different, but we need to finish the year to see if that translates to yield differences. Keep coming back for more as this project progresses.
Lewis Baarda introduces the Spornado trap that can offer producers an early detection system for pathogen loads. Farming Smarter started the project this season and will share results and information as it becomes available. Look for a project page under Growing Knowledge on
Dr. Surya Acharya shares his insights from years of studying sainfoin in forage crops. It reduces bloat in livestock and provides high nutrition.
Dr. Ben Ellert spends some time explaining the benefits of long term crop rotation at our June 6, 2019 Plot Hop event.
Chinook Applied Research Association (CARA) leads a province-wide project to benchmark and study Alberta agriculture soils. Farming Smarter, through Trevor Deering, covers southern Alberta. Here he shares the objectives of the project.