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Trevor Deering – We’re his glove!


Trevor Deering’s direction when he started post-secondary education aimed him at a totally different career, but after his first semester, he found it was not what he wanted. So, he took time to investigate and study alternatives and landed on Agriculture Studies.

One of his first assignments in that field was to find someone in agriculture he wanted to write about and Trevor found George Washington Carver – the most prominent black scientist of the early 20th century.

Trevor Deering checking seed placement while Toby Mandel awaits the verdict in the spring of 2021.

“He inspired me, and I haven’t looked back since,” Trevor says. What he learned about Carver made him want to have his own impact in agriculture and help keep the industry innovative.

Once he gained his B.Sc., he went on to accomplish a M.Sc. in Agriculture Studies. When he began his job search, Farming Smarter quickly became a target. He saw Farming Smarter as a professional and progressive organization that did the type of work he wants to do and would fit him like a glove.

“I felt it would be a good fit for me and offered opportunity for advancement. I knew Farming Smarter was progressive in its research, innovative and well equipped to get the job done,” Trevor says.

“There’s opportunity to learn every day and expand the areas where I work,” he says. He likes that he is not confined to one area of research, one study, or one type of work experience.

Trevor likes that all his skills get practice working for Farming Smarter.

Trevor says that, since he joined us in spring 2019, he’s enjoyed becoming a part of our team and taking an active role in our growth. He’s excited about his new responsibility managing custom research and about making it his passion.

“It’s awesome to grow with the position,” he says. He has new conversations now around the role of custom research in the overall agriculture innovation process.

“I feel I’ve definitely had positive influence in some farmers lives and I’d like to continue to do that,” he says.

He looks forward to growing with and contributing to Farming Smarter.