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Time to chime in!


The Agricultural Policy Framework is the agreement between federal, provincial and territorial governments to fund agricultural research and other initiatives. The current agreement is called the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) that expires in April 2023.

To guide future investments into Alberta’s agriculture industry, the Alberta Government needs a strategy to take to negotiations with Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada. They want Alberta farmers and industry to set priorities with them. This strategy has three phases, with Phase 1 lasting throughout Summer 2021.

Phase 1 will inform government priorities. Your feedback in this phase will help provide direction for Phase 2.

During Phase 1, the government wants input on:

  • Current and emerging industry challenges
  • Objectives, principles, priorities and outcomes for the framework
  • Ways to accomplish priorities and outcomes in Alberta
  • Gaps in the current Canadian Agricultural Partnership priorities and outcomes
  • How to address the weight and impact of identified priority areas
  • Business Risk Management long-term reform policy direction

You can provide feedback on Phase 1 of the next Agricultural Policy Framework through an online survey until July 2, 2021.

For more information, you can read about the Canadian Agricultural Partnership here – or watch this update from CAP.

Working on the field until sunset.