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Students Visit Farming Smarter for Life Skills


A group of Grade 6, 7 & 8 Skill Development program students from Wilson Middle School in Lethbridge, Alberta learned the fine art of corn tossing Sept. 30, 2016 at Farming Smarter field site.

The students came to experience food growing first hand from Farming Smarter’s staff. While on site, they planted garlic, harvested hop cones with Jamie Puchinger, Farming Smarter Assistant Manager. Then they learned corn tossing from expert Ken Coles, Farming Smarter General manager.

Teachers Quintina Frandsen and Michelle Tylsau get students out of the classroom to provide them with a range of hands-on experiences and exposure to a variety of different things to gain life skills.



Watch the Corn Toss video




Students plant garlic in Farming Smarter's garden.
Students plant garlic in Farming Smarter’s garden.


The trip to Farming Smarter included an introduction to farm machinery and a hay ride. Over the school year students will attended other local businesses and do other field trips to gain life skills; including the corn maze to learn about corn, Broxburn Vegetables to learn about growing fruits and vegetables, cooking skills, riding the city bus, reading at the Public Library and road safety with Safety City.

“Farming Smarter always appreciates an opportunity to teach the younger generation about agriculture and agriculture research,” says Puchinger.