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Strip-Till vs. No Till

A New Farming Smarter Project

Strip Till Feature
12″ Strip Till in a field

After looking at the results from a previous study on precision planting canola, Farming Smarter decided to research the effectiveness of strip-till against traditional no-till seeding.  A strip tiller tills a small strip where the seed goes. The benefits of strip-till are it may lead to increased soil temperature, better seed to soil contact, less residue and fewer issues for the seeder. Combined with a precision planter that evenly spaces the seeds, a strip tilled planting may result in a more uniform emergence.  

The trial set-up is four randomized plots, using the Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD). These plots are set up in two ways, one for the no-till and one for the strip-till. The trial uses two seeding rates 40 seeds per meter squared and 80 seeds per meter squared. It is also testing an air drill against a precision planter. Seeding took place in 12” row spacing with both seeders and 20” spacing with just the Monosem. The strip-tiller requires higher speeds to be functional, so this trial has 16 meter plots as opposed to the usual 6 meter plots.  

Farming Smarter completed the tilling of the plots May 6 and proceeded with seeding May 7, 2020. Since the project is very new, we have no insights to share yet, however Farming Smarter plans to apply for a grant next year to continue the project. 

 Watch below to see a strip-till seeder in action: