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Safe On-Farm Petroleum Storage


Oct. 17, 2017

Farming Smarter encourages everyone to keep a clean, safe farmyard. If you have any questions about proper fuel storage or oil recycling, here’s where you can find the answers.

Farm Fuel Storage and Handling – What is the Legislation Regarding Farm Fuel Storage?

Alberta Agriculture & Forestry information about the regulations that govern on-farm fuel storage.

Beneficial Management Practices: Environmental Manual for Alberta Farmsteads – Chapter 6 Fuel Storage and Handling 

This is clearly NOT optimum, but it’s cute.

Alberta Agriculture & Forestry information from the Environmental Farm Plan about fuel storage

Environmental Manual for Crop Producers in Alberta – Petroleum Products

Alberta Agriculture & Forestry Beneficial Management Practices for petroleum including disposal.

Alberta Used Oil Management Association

Information about recycling, collectors, processors, drop-off locations and more

Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta

Offers a lot of information about storage facilities, regulations, service providers, equipment sales companies, record keeping forms, applications etc.