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Precision Planting Hitting the Mark

Try precision planting as a tactic to improve emergence and possibly yield with your pulse crops.

When Farming Smarter began this research, we wanted to evaluate how effective precision row crop planters are as an all-encompassing seeding system. We believe that this innovation will lead to an increase in crop yield.

In these pictures, you see field peas planted by an air seeder as well as by a precision planter. The seeding rate in 2020 for each plot was 100 seeds/m2.

The pulse crops seeded using a precision planter saw a higher plant emergence compared to those planted by the air seeder. These crops included chickpeas, faba beans, and field peas.

“Field peas and chickpeas also showed a higher seed yield when seeded with the precision planter compared to the air seeder.” Said Gurbir Dhillon, Ph.D, Research Scientist & Project Lead at Farming Smarter.

Farming Smarter dedicates it’s work to providing you with up-to-date research that is valuable and practical. Also, this is the final year of the field trial and we’re excited to explore and share with you the results of this study.

It’s hard work to stay on-top of changes in this industry. Above all, changing the way people farm is what we strive to do at Farming Smarter through research and innovation. Meanwhile, catch up on the precision planting project & stay up to date with our research with this link:

Perfectly Placed Project