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Precision Hemp Trials enter second year

July 2, 2019 Growth
July 2, 2019 Growth

Farming Smarter continues its hemp research in 2020 by planting with a precision planter for the second year in a three year trial.

Hemp has applications in grain for superfoods, fibers for renewable products and pharmaceuticals.

The first trial we undertook was to determine the seeding rate by date. We took two varieties of the hemp plant, Finola and Silesia, and planted them with different seeding rates over three separate dates, helping to determine an optimal growing period as well as seed density.

August 13, 2019 Growth

The next trial we under-took was to pit an air seeder against a precision seeder to see the effectiveness of one compared to the other in seeding, along with testing the amount of liquid phosphorus we are able to apply in furrow in order to determine the safe rates.

This video here details more about hemp, and this video here will take you through a growing season and provide information from our different trials. For more information, visit one of the websites below, and watch our project page for future updates as we gather more results.

Our Project:

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Industrial hemp enterprise:$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agdex126/$file/153-830-1.pdf