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PPMN Update July 13


Prairie Pest Monitoring Network  July 13, 2017

Greetings! Otani, Giffen, Svendsen, Olfert

Weekly Update (Jul 13, 2017; Wk 11) – Weather Synopsis

Predicted Bertha Armyworm Development

REMEMBER that in-field counts of wheat midge per head remain the basis of economic threshold decision. Also remember that the parasitoid, Macroglenes penetrans (photographed by AAFC-Beav-S. Dufton below), is actively searching for wheat midge at the same time. Preserve this parasitoid whenever possible and remember your insecticide control options for wheat midge also kill these beneficial insects that help reduce midge populations. Photo: _Dufton Jorgensen_AAFC

Wheat midge   

Cabbage seedpod weevil

 Predicted Grasshopper Development

Alfalfa weevil

Provincial Insect Pest Reports

Crop reports

West Nile Virus and Culex tarsalis

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