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New Farming Smarter Videos


This week’s Farming Smarter’s uploads offer some more great information from Scott Meers and Bill Hamman. Watch later on our YouTube channel or dive right in below.

Starting it off is a clip from our 2019 Cypress Field School, where Scott Meers warns landowners to watch for the growing grasshopper populations that may indicate a problem in 2020. Short but informative, here’s the video below;

Next up we have today’s upload on Knapweed from Bill Hamman of Hamman Ag Research. He introduces knapweed to participants at an event and explains where it came from, how it travels and different control methods.

He then shifts focus and talks about pesticide handling safety and how to avoid skin exposure. Watch below for the full information;

And that’s what we have for this week! Check back next week to see what new uploads have gone live, and what new information is waiting.