New committee to tackle herbicide-resistant wild oats

wild oat infographic
RWOAC infographic

A newly formed committee plans to address herbicide-resistant wild oats and wants to engage landowners in finding new techniques and management.

The Canadian Weed Science Society introduced the Resistant Wild Oat Action Committee (RWOAC). This committee formed after a request that the society have a committee that will “engage scientists, producers, and the agriculture industry to advance the technology and management available to producers to address herbicide-resistant weeds on their farms.”

RWOAC has four objectives in mind to work toward.

  • To promote discussions within the industry on priorities for herbicide-resistant wild oat management and coordinating the research activities.
  • To identify research gaps while prioritizing research activities for the management of herbicide-resistant wild oat.
  • To engage producers to discuss identifying potential solutions, and on the design and implementation of research projects.
  • To communicate knowledge and research results on wild oat biology to producers and agronomists through extension activities.
RWOAC infographic

For more information, you can visit their website that will continue to update in the future as new information is released.