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Meet Jamie Puchinger – Extension Trailblazer

B.Sc. Environmental Science, CCA, Dale Carnegie Leader

To call Jamie Assistant Manager and expect that to define her role in making Farming Smarter Alberta’s leading research association seems artless. Jamie stepped out of her comfort zone, pushed herself and her skills in new directions to become the extension trailblazer she is today.

Jamie Puchinger
Jamie Puchinger 2019 Farming Smarter Assistant Manager

She started her career working with Dr. Jim Moyer and spearheaded Partners in Habitat Development Program at St. Mary’s River Irrigation District.  

Jamie fiercely champions agricultural stewardship and stewardship of agriculture. Her recent signature projects reflect her commitment to these principles – pesticide rinsate biobeds, pollinator sanctuaries and Open Farm Days at Farming Smarter.

As Farming Smarter grows, so does Jamie’s toolbox for sharing research findings, stewardship practices and the role of agriculture in modern life. Gone are the days of relying solely on print media. As information technology evolves, so does Farming Smarter’s repertoire of interaction tools.

Any time a person engages with information coming from Farming Smarter, you can bet Jamie made it possible for them to do so in whatever way suits them. Come to an event and receive royal treatment. Google a farming topic and find videos, website posts, podcasts and press articles. Call Jamie and she will tell you where to find the answers to your questions.

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