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Meet Carlo Van Herk – Farming Smarter’s Puppy

B.Sc. Agricultural Studies

carlo van herk
Carlo works hard for Farming Smarter.

If a Golden Retriever were a human, it would be Carlo Van Herk! He is the friendliest face and the most energetic member of the crew. You can count on him to bring an uplifting presence to the work place and a cheerful attitude to the long days in the field.

Since falling in love with farming as a child, Carlo has come to love the data and research that goes into farming innovation. With a strong willingness to learn and a head full of determination, Carlo became a huge asset to the Farming Smarter team overthe past two years.

This year, thanks to an NSERC grant in partnership with Lethbridge College, Carlo has a three-year contract to work with Farming Smarter.

Carlo Van Herk
Classic pose Carlo with a tractor!

Over the three years, Carlo will study the use of seeding styles and the effectiveness of no till, strip till, and full till on canola in dry and irrigated fields while he leads the Strip Tillage and Precision Planting for Canola project.

Farming Smarter is happy to have Carlo Van Herk on the team as he is a hard worker who enjoys learning with a passion for farming! We look forward to seeing his hard work pay off as his field studies begin to deliver results later this summer.