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Kim McConnell – Elevating the Industry


A healthy attitude and great connections are the secrets of success, according to Kim McConnell.

The former CEO of AdFarm, one of the largest and most respected agricultural marketing communications firms in North America, got his beginnings in the basement of his Calgary house where he founded Fieldstone, an ad agency, in 1984.

While he navigated the normal challenges of growing a business, he soon found success that quickly grew his business, eventually expanding into the US.

“The hardest part of starting a business is attracting quality talent and being able to keep it while you’re still a fledgling company,” says McConnell.

Thankfully, he always had a large network to use to find talent.

“What helped me grow so fast was surrounding myself with a quality network. Success is a team sport, thankfully I’ve been able to be on some good teams,” adds McConnell.

McConnell says that he was able to build and maintain such a vast network because of one easy thing – having lunch with somebody every day. Since COVID started, McConnell has adapted his strategy to having a video call with someone every day.

As with the rest of the world, the agriculture industry has seen a large amount of change in the past five years. With COVID, technology advancements, market changes, and an increased environmental focus, the agri-food industry has seen a dizzying amount change.

For McConnell, this fast-paced change only sparks his inspiration to drive the industry to success. But these changes need strong leadership, and that’s something the industry is missing.

“We need to be able to come out of this change and take advantage of these new opportunities in-front of us,” states McConnell.

With strong leadership, the agri-food industry would be better equipped to navigate the polarization issues that challenge the industry. By conquering these challenges, McConnell believes that we will be able to take advantage of what Canada can provide ourselves and the world.

“We need to start working in harmony, and in a degree of alignment. Otherwise, we won’t live up to our expectations,” says McConnell.

Kim McConnell will be the keynote speaker at Farming Smarter’s 2022 Conference & Trade Show, on February 17th. There, he will be presenting his thoughts as an established member of the industry; sharing stories and his perceptions on the world of ag, how we can dive into the opportunities and challenges before us, and what’s required to elevate the industry.

To see Kim McConnell speak, register for the 2022 Conference & Trade Show today!