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Ken Coles – Fearless Leader

M.Sc. Environment and Management; B.Sc. Chemistry; P.Ag; CCA

Over a decade ago, a small non-profit Board of Directors hired Ken Coles to manage the Southern Alberta Research Association (SARA). I don’t think they knew they’d grabbed a tiger by the tail.

Ken Coles monosem plot hop
Ken Coles shows plot hop attendees some of the features of a precision planter

At that time, SARA was Ken, 60 acres of Lethbridge College land and a couple of research projects. Ken took that humble beginning and turned it into Farming Smarter through a merger with the Southern Alberta Conservation Association in 2012. He now manages a full time staff of 9 that swells to 18 in summer with students working about 90 projects per year on 350 acres.

Ken Coles is not a man anyone can hold back and he has a vision to make Farming Smarter the most useful organization a farmer or agronomist can turn to when they need information.

“What do you need to know? That’s what I want to know so that I can get you the answers you need to farm better for long-term farm health,” Coles says. As a farmer himself, he has a stake in the game.

He brings his considerable intelligence and passion to service of southern Alberta farmers/agronomists and he cares more about their success than most. He built the SARA one man show into Farming Smarter because he sees a need it can fill.

“Farming is a risky business at the best of times. We’re here to take as much of that risk away as we can through on-the-ground trials and testing. If you follow our work, you WILL farm more successfully.”