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Heat Bubble Pops


Let’s Check-in on the Crops

Lethbridge Fababean plot. Last year, crops were twice as tall

While we were all trying our best to hide from the heat and stay out of the sun last week, our crops are definitely wishing they could do the same.

The drought was in full swing in our drylands plots and farmers’ fields all over southern Alberta! Our Lethbridge and Taber plots were incredibly dry because of the heat wave and couldn’t have been happier for the recent rains.

This time last year, our plots were twice as tall as they are now, and you couldn’t see between the rows. The sweltering heat and lack of moisture affected the growth of our crops direly. Without moisture in the soil, the plants weren’t able to get the nutrients they needed for sustained growth. Thankfully, we’re seeing rain in the forecast again!

Our Taber dryland plot for the Perfectly Placed project, also experiencing drought effects brought on by the heat wave.

Visit our Perfectly Placed project to learn more about what we’re doing with these plots!