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Full-tilt at Farming Smarter


It’s a busy time at Farming Smarter! We have crews planting, fertilizing and setting up pest monitoring, so lots of people going in different directions on different equipment. We have a lot of trial to get started and, like all other farmers, are making hay while the sun shines.

Matt Graham & Sara Gateman set up diamond back moth traps as part of Farming Smarter’s participation in the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network (PPMN)



AND today, it’s #McHappy Day, which we like to support because the proceeds go to Lethbridge Family Center and we all have families. 

Megan, who can’t eat beef, (I KNOW, we were flummoxed too) had to get a McNuggets Happy Meal to be in on the deal. BUT, it came with a balloon!

We had about 10 people in the fields and a couple of support staff getting lunch and holding down the fort. Business was definitely getting taken care of around here today.

Toby driving one of the seeders.

Even the cats are hard at work. One out mousing, the other raising kittens! 

Fred letting a mouse think it might get away. (we now think Fred might be a girl, sorry Fredette)