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#FSFS18 answered many questions

#FSFS18 participants check out the queen bumble bee in her box hive. She is much bigger than her workers.

Field School participants got very hands on this year. They downloaded and tried a new weed identification app; they passed around bee food samples, they dug into wild oat demonstration plots and they passed around plants with diseased roots. 

They got to see the insides of a spore trapper and a queen bumble bee among her workers. They heard about all the ways robotics may impact farm life and workload. 

#FSFS18 participants look for pesticide resistant wild oats in a wheat crop.

And that was just the morning with Danica Baines, Mike Harding, Charles Geddes, Brent Nicol and Alex Ramirez-Serrano.

After a lunch that just about everyone rated Freaking Awesome, Farming Smarter staff members, Ken Coles, Mike Gretzinger and

These are some of the substances Danica Baines and her crew test to see if they can improve bee health in leaf cutter, honey and bumble bees.
Ron Howard, Mike Harding & Ken Coles working the Xarvio weed ID app during Brent Nicol’s learning session.

Lewis Baarda brought them up to date with what we’ve learned working with a precision planter. They talked about what crops it can plant, what happens when you vary row spacing and how a planter handles itself in different conditions.

We had two days of fantastic weather for the 200 or so people that came on this Learning Adventure. 

Our next adventure is in Cypress County July 12 and then back in our fields for WheatStalk July 19. Catch us where and when you can. You won’t regret it.


Finally, a big thank you to our partners and sponsors.

Thank you,Thank you, Thank you!