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FMC Fall Herbicide Product Lineup; Versatile & Powerful


Meet the FMC herbicide all-star lineup for post-harvest weed control!  

With harvest wrapping up, it’s time to start thinking about your post-harvest weed control. Thankfully, Top Crop Manager has released the FMC Fall Herbicide chart featuring all the latest and greatest products.

FMC Herbicide
The FMC Herbicide Fall Lineup for post-harvest weed control

Tackle weeds before they get the chance to tuck into the soil over winter. September and October are two of the best months to get a handle on your weeds. Most crops are out of the ground and you’re able to catch the weeds before frost takes over the leaves. Losing the leaf tissue to frost results in the herbicide being less effective.

This year, FMC is offering products from Focus Herbicide, Aim EC herbicide, and Express Brand herbicide. Find the tank-mix that’s right for your field and see your crops prosper come spring!

The chart, released by Top Crop Manager, details the active ingredient, herbicide group, benefits and cautions of each product. Additionally, it highlights the main target weeds for each herbicide.

Some herbicides persist in the soil and present themselves in crops grown in spring it’s important to know what you can plant after you spray. Thankfully, Top Crop Manager has included a section on their chart that tells you just that!

Learn what crops can be planted the following spring, after you spray with a product from the FMC Fall herbicide lineup, directly on the Top Crop Manager chart!

You can find the chart on Top Crop Manager’s website, along with more information on each of the products available.