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Farming Smarter summer event plans

staff and equipment
Trevor Deering & Michaela Gateman calibrate the seedmaster drill borrowed from Hamman Ag.

Working in small teams, Farming Smarter crews are well into seeding projects and plots to ensure multi-year projects stay on track and produce reliable results for our producers.

Clearly, we can’t have in-person events this summer, so our extension team is expanding its knowledge and ability to bring you inter-active, live streamed events. We expect the first virtual plot hop to go live June 11 in Lethbridge and June 25 in Cypress County.

Our plan is to make each hour available as a separate purchase with the option to buy as many as you like and discounts will apply to multiple hours.

Keep an eye on the event posts as we figure out exactly how to bring you the most value through this effort.

June 11 Lethbridge

June 25 Cypress County