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Farming Smarter Seeding

Update: What We’ve Got in the Ground

Farming Smarter has been busy seeding trials and projects with the work nearly complete. According to Ken Coles, Executive Director, Farming Smarter seeding is about 70% complete as of May 13.

Checking seed depth and placement.
Aaron Lorenz checking seed depth and placement.

 Pulse crops (peas, beans), corn, canola and hemp are in the ground. There are still a few unplanted trials waiting for seed to come .

Everything is on track but concerns about the crops are beginning to arise. Due to the cool weather over the last couple weeks, the crops are sprouting a bit slower than expected. Despite this, some crops are up and growing.  Leaving the last concern to the small amount of moisture that southern Alberta has been getting this year.  

“It’s been really dry in the Medicine Hat and Lethbridge area, with little rainfall . We’re worried about another drought this year and we’re hoping that more rainfall is on the horizon for us,” said Ken Coles, commenting on the state of the crops. According to Coles, if the rain stays low as it has this year, most likely the only crops that will make it are irrigated crops.

The crops still have a ways to go, so watch for future updates, and check out our Plot Shot 2020 videos to get more information on how our season is going.   

Farming Smarter
Farming Smarter seeded trials in Taber for the first time this year. A new partnership between Town of Taber and Farming Smarter gives Farming Smarter access to about 15 acres at the northern limits of Taber.