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Farming Smarter – Full Seed Ahead!

Farming Smarter has about a third of its agronomy projects seeded and expects to finish by May Long.

Seeding challenges this year was the inclusion of early seeding dates and some intentionally late seeding dates in order to fit ongoing research projects.

new seeder for agronomy projects
Mike Gretzinger takes the new seeder through trial fields for precision planting.

One of the research projects includes strip tilling of corn early in the season.

“It blackens the earth up and hopefully allows us to plant corn into warmer soil,” says Mike Gretzinger, Farming Smarter Research Coordinator. “Typically, the earlier you seed the higher your yield because of growing degree days and heat units that you can get.”

While an earlier seeding data can increase yield, it brings in the added danger of crop damage from frost, insects, and fungal disease. Our research project will look at ways to combat these dangers.

Seeding dates for our hemp agronomy program come up soon. While hemp has a lower yield penalty for late seeding dates, we have seen a massive potential yield increase by planting early. 

Stay tuned for updates on that study, and be sure to check out some of our other studies:

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