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Durum Roll, Please!


Durum prices are rising, we’re here to help increase your yield!

Last week, we hosted our Lethbridge Plot Hop event. There, Ken Coles, Farming Smarter Executive Director, gave a presentation on our Precision Planted Durum.

These plots test the affects of agronomy tools on the yield of irrigated durum. We test precision planted versus air seeding planted plots; different seeding and nutrient rates; varying row spacing; and more.

We have seen positive results from these trials – enough that we could showcase them at the Plot Hop!

“Interesting to see that we’re seeing little benefits to each layer of agronomy treatment we’re putting on,” said Coles, regarding the observation of the results. “We’re seeing an advantage with the planter versus the air seeder; an advantage to the fungicide; and a small advantage to the increased nitrogen fertility.”

At the Lethbridge Plot Hop, Ken noted that most of these tools alone led to an increase of five bushels per yield.

“When you combine all three of these factors, we’re seeing a pretty big yield boost,” Ken added.

durum trial presentation
Ken Coles delivers his presentation on our durum plots at the 2021 Lethbridge Plot Hop

When will it be field-ready?

Durum from our Perfectly Placed plots

While the Perfectly Placed project is on its final year, we plan to apply for an additional year of research. The next step for the study would see the agronomy tools applied to similar trials in the Field Tested program.

Our Field Tested program would run trials at field scale on farmer’s fields. With this, we hope to identify which agronomy tool, or combination of tools, will best increase irrigated durum yields.

We’ve seen a rising interest from farmers to implement agronomy to on their fields.

Coles says that with the current high durum price, growers can justify the additional time, or money to get that yield boost. “Now with a good price, that little added layer of agronomy that can boost things are worth the investment,” he says. “I’m pretty curious to see the overall results when we get them all analyzed.”

If you want to keep a close eye on this research, be sure to bookmark our Perfectly Placed project page.