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Dr. Gurbir Dhillon – Digging In

Gurbir Dhillon Ph.D.

Gurbir Dhillon Ph.D. took the Long Road to Tipperary… well, Lethbridge actually. He started in India where he grew up and attended the Punjab Agricultural University to earn his BA. Agriculture. He dropped in at the University of Delaware to earn a Masters in Soil Science then flew north to earn a Doctorate of Soil Science at the University of Saskatchewan. He spent over seven years there including some post doctoral work. Finally, Farming Smarter lured him to Lethbridge. So, he’s a long way from home, but he has the sweetest girl he knows, Loveleen Kaur Dhillon, with him, so he’s good.

He says he’s ready to put down roots and begin making contributions to soil science. He plans to publish as much as he can.

Gurbir says, “Throughout my career, I have enjoyed working on research projects. But I want to work more closely with the agricultural industry and farmers to familiarize myself with the real-world issues in the agricultural sector.”

“I really love what I’m doing here. I get to do research aimed at solving practical agricultural problems and get a chance to interact with the agricultural community directly. I want to do some good, fascinating research and contribute to the field as much as possible,” he says.

He’s not an all work man though and hopes to find a tennis court and some interesting night life in Lethbridge for his leisure hours. He also likes to cook and, I think I can speak for all Farming Smarter staff, we can’t wait until it’s his turn to make staff lunch next winter!

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