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Cypress Field Day: A Time For Learning


Cypress County Learning Adventure

Participants listen to Justine Cornelsen’s segment on Blackleg. Cornelsen said Blackleg is a concern for producers due to yield loss.

Almost 100 people learned many things to improve their farming from experts that covered pulses, soil health, weed management and canola disease. They were a wonderfully inquisitive bunch that came to Cypress this year! With a stream of questions and an atmosphere of learning, there was no doubt that each participant would leave with some new learning.

The morning kicked off with impromptu speaker Nevin Rosaasen who heroically hopped on board last minute to talk about pulse crops in Alberta. We had a great follow up from Syama Chatterton with a discussion on aphanomyces and fusarium. And if her expertise on that subject wasn’t enough, she spoiled us further by showcasing some neat spore trapping technology and discussing her strategy and findings this far.

Syama Chatterton talked about pulse diseases, peas in particular.

Joe Harrington and Laciee Shock gave us sanctuary from the heat, bringing their talk out of the sun and into a tent. (Thank goodness!) The two spoke about Canadian Agriculture Partnership, giving insight to grower incentives, water quality and technology.

Disease mitigation was on the forefront of everyone’s minds throughout the day. Justine Cornelsen informed participants on how to identify, understand and resist blackleg in canola crops. 

Travis Albrecht demonstrated the Weedit system at the Cypress County Field day July 12, 2018

Travis Albrecht was up next with his Weedit system. He wowed our group with his precision spot sprayer that uses infrared technology to pinpoint the smallest of weeds. 

After a full morning of learning, lunch got a bit spicy with some A+ catering thanks to Cypress County’s generosity.

In the afternoon, Yamily Zavala captured everyone’s interest by being funny and informative as she educated attendees on soil biology and health. She brought in an interactive element, asking her audience to get their hands dirty during soil demonstrations.

It was then Norm Flore closed out the day, bringing a fresh perspective on nutrient management plans and soil sampling.

We’re back in Lethbridge July 19 for Wheat Stalk – our final summer 2018  Learning Adventure. If you’re interested in that, you should register now!