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Come Play With Us!

Farming Smarter opens its fields once year to anyone interested in learning a little something about crop growing and having a little fun Farming Smarter style!

Farming Smarter needs volunteers to barbecue, sell ice cream, cook corn and interact with the public for Open Farm Days at our research site. This is our second year hosting an Open Farm Day event at our site and we’ve ramped up the game a bit.

We will also need some people to manage a seed bag toss, corn husk doll craft, registration & general information desk and probably other things we haven’t thought of yet.

If you think this is something you might want to do for a couple of hours between 10:30 am – 4 pm, Aug. 20, please call us for details and to volunteer.

Jazlyn Pedersen filling balloons at Farming Smarter Open Farm Days 2016.



We won’t ask any one person to do the whole day and, as with all tasks, many hands will make light work. Our experience last year taught us that this is fun and the people that come are genuinely interested in modern agriculture. Join us in the field for one more time in summer 2017, but this time, you get to showcase for a mostly urban audience how great your job is and how good you are at it! 

Our learning sessions will include:

Crop tour
Spray Technologies
Harvest Basics
Soil Science

The bonus activities will include:

A BBQ with hotdogs, burgers & fresh corn
An ice cream stand
Face painting
Crafts & games with prizes

Call 403 317 0022 to volunteer. Doooo it!