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Celebrate, Advocate, Participate!

Celebrate what makes agriculture great! 

Join us at the Norland Historic Estates, 6 – 11pm, November 4 at Farming Smarter’s Harvest Gala! Come dressed in your best 1920’s attire and enjoy a night of engaging conversations, outstanding entertainment, and a delicious meal!

We invited provincial and federal politicians because we want them to meet the hardworking people that make our region a great in the agriculture industry. Come advocate through telling your story.

We’re commemorating 10 years of success, honoring the long-standing board members that built Farming Smarter, and celebrating the big picture agriculture.

It’s time to celebrate the hard work this community does as part of a greater industry! The Harvest Gala is an opportunity to bring people together, make good connections, share ideas, and have a great time.

“This is a perfect time to show off the combination of good work done throughout southern Alberta’s agriculture industry, as well as advocate for what’s important to us and what we need to see the industry thrive,” says Ken Coles, Farming Smarter Executive Director.

We want this special night to be full of special people. If there’s an outstanding member of the community or agriculture industry you believe should attend, let us know and we’ll send them an invite!

We’re excited to celebrate this big occasion and we hope you can join us!