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Bug of the Month Sept. 2019


Army Cutworm/Miller Moth

with Hector Carcamo, AAFC

Army cutworm in caterpillar stage. This is the stage where it eats your crop

Bob Byers mentioned that army cutworm is back from its mountain holiday in Banff and area. It is busy laying eggs in farmers’ fields that have lots of green plants like weeds, maybe also winter wheat. They over winter as pupae and emerge in early June. Most of southern Alberta’s crops can act as hosts to this pest. Read pages 34 – 35 in the Cutworm Booklet

Army cutworm pupae as they appear in the soil.

 There is more information here from the Montana Guide

This is the moth currently laying eggs in your fields.

The Army Cutworm moth is a fairly large grey-brown moth. It is one of the largest moths in the Euxoa genus. The most common form of adult is a black and contrasting paler grey or yellow. A less common form is an evenly-colored pale grey or pale brown forewing.

Visit this link to see where the Army Cutworm moth fits into bear diets while they are mountain tourists just like us!