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Bug of the Month Oct. 2017


Stored Grain Pests

Zoe Remple of AAFC photographed some potential grain pests

 It is a good time of year to refresh your knowledge about handling pest problems in your gain bins.

Dr. Hector Carcamo asks, “The crop is in the bin, but did you escape the bugs?”

There are primary and secondary insects that can affect your grain in the bin. There are insects that feed directly on healthy grain and insects that feed on damaged kernels and fungus. There are management options to control both types of pests in your bins this winter.



Entomologists consider the Indian Meal Moth a secondary grain pest in the bin.


Visit this excellent article from Manitoba Agriculture on the subject to get a jump on any potential problems.

It talks about key stored product pests farmers need to think about around this time and throughout the winter.