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Bug of the Month May 2018


Carabidae (Ground) Beetles 

There are many kinds of beetles out in the fields. They work for you every day.

Before you use a foliar insecticide for pea leaf weevils, you might want to consider two things. First, according to Dr. Hector Carcamo, “foliars don’t seem to provide good crop protection for pea leaf weevil probably because of repeated migrations of them into the field.” Second, “foliar insecticides will reduce populations of beneficial predators.” 

Ground beetles belong to the Carabidae family. Within that family the Bembidion genus is a large selection of ground beetles. They are all predators and a study in the Journal of Applied Entomology identified B. quadrimaculatum as the one that does the most damage to pea leaf weevil eggs.

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 Ground beetles in AB