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Bug of the Month June 2018


Peristenus Parasitoid  

Based on data as of June 11, 2018. Since the last model run, the notable changes are that the population is primarily in the second instar and that third instar lygus are predicted to be in fields. The hatch should be approximately 90% complete. Ross Weiss

Dr. Hector Carcamo was thinking about Lygus bugs and the Peristenus parasitoids that prey on them. He noticed lots of Lygus in seed alfalfa in the Rosemary area in early June.
Peristenus attack the young lygus babies. The seed alfalfa is interesting because producers cannot spray after they release the bees, so they do it before. The timing may coincide with the Peristenus flight. Dr. Carcamo wants to check the data collected to determine if this is the case.
Ross Weiss provided a model that should provide help, although it is not the same species that occur in the region. From the sample collected in early June the dominant species appear to be L. keltoni and L. borealis.

Peristenus parasitoid