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Bug of the Month Dec. 2020

White Pine Weevil

By Hector Carcamo Ph. D.

Another evil weevil: the white pine weevil is a pest of Christmas trees!

white pine weevil
White Pine Weevil Photo: Government of Canada

White pine weevil feed on a large number of conifers including many that are planted in Christmas tree nurseries. The females prefer young trees to chew holes and lay eggs on the terminal leader.

The larvae also feed on the terminal bud so that the tree can be distorted, losing its esthetic appeal. There are other pests, including lygus bugs, aphids, caterpillars that also eat Christmas trees. In addition to all the parasites that attack Santa’s reindeer and Santa himself and his assistants! More proof that bugs affect all aspects of human life, not just crops!

damaged pine tree
White pine weevil damage. Photo credit: USA Forest Service,