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Bug of the Month April 2018


Confused flour beetle (Tribolium confusum)

confused bettle
Confused beetle reaches 4mm long as an adult

Not sure why this beetle is confused, but people often confuse this beetle with several others infecting grain. As with others, the grain will heat, but this one also leaves a pungent odour. A large infestation will affect the quality of milled grain products. It is more common in milled grain storage and milling locations because it prefers milled grain.
While it likes hot temperatures, it can breed at relatively low temperatures (20c and up to 37c). Keeping the grain cool, below 18c, will control most beetles. Clean bins before storage to prevent infestations. 

On a small scale for home invasions, the best measure is to starve them by keeping the area clean. Also, putting infested material like bird food in the freezer for a week should do them in.

larva of confused beetle
Confused beetle larvae reach 8mm prior to pupation and are whitish with brown bands. Females lay 200-700 eggs.



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