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Barley & Wheat: Together Forever?


An amalgamation of two industry commissions is on the horizon. 

Alberta Barley & Alberta Wheat Commission ask you take part in a survey consultation for a possible merger between the two entities. 

In 2018, the two commissions embarked on an initiative to see how efficient it would be to operate as one commission. 

While this may sound like a large effort, behind the scenes they already have multiple areas of overlap. They share finance, HR, administration staff, as well as office space.  

By merging, it increased the synergies already shared between the commissions such as the ability to collaboratively fund an agronomy extension program, share event spaces and heighten the youth education efforts, as well as to partner on enhanced communication efforts.    

The unified management structure resulted in cost savings upwards of $350,000 annually. This increased financial support in agronomic research and communication initiatives.  

While Alberta Wheat & Alberta Barley have their eyes set on the future, they need your help to get them there. By completing this survey, you help them gauge the opinion of farmers on the amalgamation of a single farmer-led organization that would increase efficiencies, add more value, and have a stronger voice.  

To read more about the proposal, the Alberta Wheat & Barley website has more information for you.  

Make sure you complete the survey and guide this amalgamation.  

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