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Agriculture Internships with Cash Incentives


Your business can be the next home for an up & coming superstar – CAREERS: The Next Generation offers cash incentives to hire interns. There are three funding levels, based on hours of work, for internships within:

  • Trades (Agriculture Equipment Technician);
  • Information & Communication Technology (Precision Ag, Social Media & Marketing, Data Capture & Analysis), and;
  • Agriculture (Plant Systems, Food Production, and Animal Health & Sciences in various locations including primary producers)

Offering an internship to a student is an excellent way to prepare your industry for the future and plan your company’s future. Emerging young talent can better prepare and understand the industry through an internship.

The deadline to apply for a summer intern is June 30! Act now to empower your workforce!

Why should you consider hiring and mentoring a student?

  • The Youth Internship Incentive Program funds most if not all students
  • Internships from 125 to 480 hours
  • Schools cover all WCB Insurance for students in internships
  • You get the chance to ignite the passion you have for agriculture within young minds!

To learn more, click here.