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A Great Day Under the Grandstand


Cypress Conference participants went home with some key pieces of information that may help right now and through next season.

Dr. Mary Burrows of University of Montana studies wheat curl mite that causes wheat streak mosaic. She brought her decades of expertise to the 2017 Cypress conference.

The morning started with a thorough primer on wheat streak mosaic from Dr. Mary Burrows of University of Montana. She shared her decades of research that points to ways to keep the mites from overwintering and what to watch for in spring.

Then Ken Coles shared what Farming Smarter and its partners are learning while working with a precision seeder to plant canola, corn and wheat. He also talked about lessons so far from growing dryland grain corn on a variety of stubble types and with varying nutrient applications.  

Ryan Stevenson gave his best shot at explaining what the federal government may or may not do to the tax system and pointed out that farm owners will have to make sure they revisit what they’re doing financially with their tax expert.


Marilou Montemayor from the South East Alberta Watershed Alliance took a few minutes to tell landowners how they can access $5,000 for a watershed protection project in Seven Person’s Creek watershed; which includes Ross, Gros Ventre, Bullshead & Peigan creeks and Murray Lake. It also includes unnamed tributaries of these waterbodies.

Brad Calder shared results of potassium trials for control of Zebra mussels.

Brad Calder from Alberta Ag Water Quality branch first scared us and then offered us a potential solution to the Zebra mussel invasion threatening our waterbodies and infrastructure. He also brought us presents – floating key chains that remind people to clean boats and keep those little blighters out of our province.

Dr. Yamily Zavala shared her passion for healthy soils, demonstrated the difference between healthy and unhealthy soils and implored landowners to use good soil management practices.

Jamie Puchinger shared that Farming Smarter learned winter grazing of winter wheat is always a winning tactic. Farming Smarter’s project with Scott Lehr and a partner organization up north illustrated that it may be a tactic that only southern Albertans can use, but it will serve them well if they try it.

Dr. Hugh Beckie filled everyone in on resistant weeds across the prairie provinces from the most recent survey his team did. The tidbit that stood out is that glyphosate resistant kochia emerges later than normal kochia and that may offer management method.

Scott Meers talked about insects that bug us in Alberta.

Finally, Scott Meers went through Alberta’s most troubling insects. He shared that the Diamondback moth caught everyone by surprise this past season and grasshoppers could do that in 2018 if conditions remain exceptionally dry.

Everyone also ate very well and did lots of talking with peers and speakers during the breaks. It was a grand day under the Grandstand in Medicine Hat. Don’t miss it next year. 

Karen Murray took advantage of a fruit plate as a place to catch up with colleagues.









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