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2019 Regional Silage Trials

The Regional Silage Trials results show how varieties of barley, oat, triticale and pulse mixtures grew in southern Alberta last year and which ones grew best.

Technicians measure silage growth
Research Technicians measure silage growth

Applied research associations conduct variety trials at different sites across Alberta. The trials are in place to see which varieties will do best in the different Alberta regions. They include yield and feed quality evaluations on varieties of oat, barley and triticale for silage, green feed and swath grazing to see which have the greatest results. There are also several pea/ cereal mixes included in the trials.

The growing conditions range from below average to excessive moisture at the sites. The cereal trials, barley, oats and triticale, were planted at recommended seeding density rates with recommended fertility. The pea and cereal mixture trials aimed to increase the nutritional value of the silage while possibly reducing future nitrogen requirements.

Different varieties are planted in different locations to see where they will grow best

Research technicians summed up the data submitted, by crop or crop mixture. Some oat trial results show that varieties like the AC Juniper, did better this year than the previously tested varieties such as Derby. The other trials show some differences between last year and this year. Some varieties did better than others.

To learn more about the results of the regional silage trials, go check out the 2019 Regional Silage Variety Trials.

silage trial harvest
Research technicians harvest silage trials in Lethbridge.