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Field Tested

we change the way people farm

We work with you, focusing on your needs and generating outcomes to support your objectives. With experienced staff, an unrivalled connection to farmers, and over 50 field trials completed in the last three years, Field Tested is your best option for on-farm research.

Results you can trust

We change the way people farm through grounded on-farm innovation

Field Tested is a complete on-farm research service provided by Farming Smarter. Our experienced and professional staff manage every aspect of your trial, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

We know research can be difficult and draw you away from your core responsibilities. Our logistical and scientific support ensures viable trials with results you can trust.


Work in the field with us!

We'll help address your on-farm research needs
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Bring us your ideas, questions, and problems. We guide partner farmers to implement scientific research trials in their farm fields. Field Tested designs a rigorous field scale trial to address your needs. Our staff go on-site to oversee key trial tasks (such as seeding, spraying, harvesting, etc.), and ensure quality and accountability at every step.

Throughout the season, technicians visit trials regularly for observation, monitoring, and data collection. Each of our clients receive answers to critical agronomic questions in the form of a scientific report and a comprehensive data package.

Our partner farmers are experienced and passionate about research. We work with farmers to develop essential research skills that equip them to administer on-farm trials. For those new to the program, we provide the necessary training and support to complete a reliable trial.

We are always ready to welcome new growers to the team, so please contact us to get involved!

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On-farm innovation

Testing and adapting in a real-life context

Drive Innovation

Innovators use Field Tested to accelerate the development of emerging technologies. Innovative concepts need to be tested on the farm before they are ready for the real world.

On-farm research evaluates technologies and identifies opportunities to improve them through adaptation and development. Feedback and insight from partnering farmers focusses the research process and strengthens the final product.

We work with innovators to develop technologies that are practical, usable, impactful, and marketable. Research is collaborative. We work with our partners to accelerate innovation and build field-ready technologies farmers can use.

Facilitate Uptake & Adoption

We work with research scientists to include on-farm trials as a part of their overall research plan. Field research is a proven tactic for facilitating uptake and adoption.

Farmers want to see new products, technologies and ideas proven and adapted in a real-world setting at a farm scale. On-farm research is the final proving ground for new and promising practices and technologies.

Farmers value the compelling research results from Field Tested trials. Our collaborative learning model provides firsthand experience, making our farm partners strong advocates for adoption of improved best management practices.

Improve Farm Decisions

Field Tested provides data to support farm decisions. Crop production is a fast-paced and demanding business. Farms frequently make decisions with significant financial implications. On-farm research provides evidence-based accountability that can support farm management decisions.

We work with farmers and agronomists to develop customized research programs that help farms become more productive and profitable. Your questions answered on your farm to support your business.

Create meaningful connections

join our network of innovators, researchers and farmers


We work with you on your farm to answer your most pressing questions. Our scientific and logistical support ensures complete trials with results you can trust.

Research Scientists

We take your research results and apply them in a real-world, field-scale environment. Field trials demonstrate value empirically and participating farmers become ardent proponents of effective new practices.


We pair you up with one of our farm partners and work together to evaluate your product or technology, proving value with on-farm research and identifying opportunities for improvement.

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